What is MyQuizChart?

MyQuizChart is a tool for quizzers, parents, and coaches to monitor a quizzer's progress in memorizing the quiz material.

Why use MyQuizChart?

MyQuizChart motivates quizzers to stay on track and make progress. The charts are easy to understand, and provide a clear picture of how well a quizzer is reaching an individually set goal. Parents and coaches can monitor a quizzer's progress using the quizzer's set goal or can create their own progress goal for a quizzer. In addition, parents and coaches can monitor the progress of multiple quizzers, each with their own goals.

How to Use MyQuizChart

Login to MyQuizChart

First, the quizzer must set up their MyQuizChart page. From the MyQuizChart Login Page, login using an existing UPCQuiz Game Account or register to create a new Game Account.

For new MyQuizChart users, the following page will appear upon login.

Add Parent/Coach to MyQuizChart

By clicking Edit Account, the quizzer can add a parent email address or coach email address to their account so that the parent and/or coach can access MyQuizChart also.

Create a Goal

Create a goal by providing a date to start learning verses and the first verse to learn. If desired, you can enter a past date and verse already learned, such as August 1st the quizzer learned Acts 1:1. Additionally, provide an end date and an end verse goal. You can make a goal for the entire quiz season for all of the material, or you can make a smaller goal over a shorter time period. You can change your goal at any time as well.

Update Verse Progress

After the first goal is created, the quizzer's progress will automatically appear in MyQuizChart. As the quizzer learns material, the quizzer can update their progress by entering the last verse learned and the date it was learned. Progress can be updated as often as desired. Some quizzers like to update their progress every day while others may desire to only update progress once a week. A parent or coach can also update the quizzer's progress if the quizzer fails to do so on their own.

Notice that MyQuizChart shows the last verse learned and when it was learned. It also shows the recommended next verses to learn. A summary of the goal is provided, along with a pie chart indication how close the quizzer is to reaching the set goal. MyQuizChart provides the quizzer with a summary of how many verses must be learned each week to reach the goal by the end date.

A quizzer can see daily, weekly, and monthly progress as verses are learned and the goal is met.

How does a Parent/Coach use MyQuizChart?

Before a parent or coach can see a quizzer's MyQuizChart, the quizzer must add the coach/parent email address to the quizzer's Game Account. A quizzer does this by logging in to their own Game Account and clicking the Edit Account button.

Login to Coach/Parent UPCQuiz Account

Log in to your account on the Main Account Page. After login, click the button. A summary of each quizzer's progress will appear on your MyQuizChart Parent/Coach page.

If you click the Print Summary button, a summary of the quizzer's progress will appear. This page can then be printed out and shared if desired.

A parent or coach also has the ability to set goals and track progress for quizzers without having to depend on the quizzer to update progress or set a goal. Many times the goal that the coach sets may be different than the goal that the quizzer sets.

MyQuizChart gives quizzers, parents, and coaches a visual way to keep track of how well a quizzer is keeping up with memorizing verses during the quiz season. Using MyQuizChart, a quizzer can receive motivation and encouragement to stay on track and to progress at a reasonable pace to finish on time according to their individual abilities. Also, a coach can at a glance see how well all of their team quizzers are progressing through the material. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.