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** Re-Read points are only counted once, and are subtracted from the quizzer who missed the interruption. The quizzer who got the re-read does not get credited with the points for this stat, since answering a re-read is not the result of aggressive action by a quizzer.

Quizzer Point Difference Contribution is a new stat that attempts to show the true impact of a quizzer's aggressive actions during a quiz. It is calculated using the following formula:

Quizzer Pt Diff Contribution = (Points from bonuses & fouls) + (Points gained/lost on competitive questions excluding re-reads) - (Points other team gained/lost on rereads given)

Note that all points after a quiz is locked are ignored, since they had no bearing on the win/loss. This new stat shows the actual impact that missing interruptions can have on the outcome a quiz, and can be used as a valuable coaching tool to stress the importance of improving interruption accuracy.

There is no guarantee that the displayed information exactly matches what is happening or what happened during the quiz due to potential connectivity issues.