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Version 2.1 (released 8/30/2016)

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BQQuote 2017 is a tool to daily quote quizzers. It keeps track of how well they are quoting every verse, and allows you to quickly create quote sessions over verses that are missed. As a parent, I created this program to help keep my 5-year-old focused at quote times, and to help me know which verses consistently are missed by my kids. With the software we are able to set realistic time and correctness goals in our quoting. I hope you enjoy this software as much as I do!

This software is licensed on a per computer basis for the 2017 quiz season (all copies will expire on 12/31/2017). Once installed, the download will work for 21 days without a purchased license.

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Recent Changes


Main screen for quizzer Zachary
Main Screen
Create a New Session screen - Notice you can now choose to view highlighted mistakes from previous quote sessions
New Session Screen
Summary screen for a single quote session - Notice you can now click buttons to practice missed verse beginnings or study selected verses
Session Summary Screen
Summary Report screen for several days of quoting
Summary Report Screen
Mark Quizzer Mistakes - In this example, the quizzer said "to" instead of "unto". Notice the new Pause button, and the percent correct and number correct in a row, located below the Save and Exit Quote Session button. Notice also the beep settings at the bottom of the screen.
Mark Mistakes Screen
Practice Verse Beginning Screen - The quizzer sees either the unique beginning or the verse reference, and recalls the answer. When ready, (s)he clicks the Show Answer button.
Practice Verse Beginning Screen
When the answer is displayed, the quizzer selects whether (s)he got it or missed it. If missed, that verse is randomly added to the queue again so that it is practiced more often until mastered.
Practice Verse Beginning Screen
Study Verses with No Vowels - By seeing the verse with no vowels, the brain is prompted or given clues so that the quizzer has a greater chance of success in recalling the verse. This technique helps train the brain to recall the verse correctly.
No Vowels Screen
Study Verses with Just the First Letter of each Word - This study technique again gives the quizzer enough of a hint to be able to recall the verse and train the brain for faster recall.
First Letters Screen
Study Verses by Seeing the Word Lengths
Word Lengths Screen
Study Verses Using Fill-in-the-Blanks - Quizzers can self-drill by repeatedly solving the fill in the blank puzzles. Each time the verse is hidden, a new fill in the blank puzzle is displayed.
Fill in Blanks Screen
When the Show Verse button is clicked, the blanks are [filled] and the quizzer can mentally check their response.
Fill in Blanks Screen